Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Daniel Montgomery

Daniel Montgomery ( Papa Smurf )

This was a special project I did for a friend who sadly lost her brother Daniel to Lymphoma last year.  He was only 38 years old.

This is a bit of a background on how this project came about.
Karen's brother loved smurfs, he was collecting the kinder surprise smurfs.
I did a mock up on the computer of a photo of Daniel ( the middle frame ) ,all of a sudden it snowballed into this wonderful project, the only problem was that we had to try and find the smurfs, as you can see from the photos there are 8 in total. I did a total of 6 of these frames which meant 48 smurfs, boy that was fun.
Karen,myself and I'm sure a few others went into a frenzy trying to find these kinder surprise eggs anywhere we could. Mad sms's saying we had found an elusive one, you can just imagine.
We finally had them all, off I go to collect the little bag of 48 smurfs.

I did 3 of the last frame.
All the smurfs are in different positions in each frame.
The frames were given out by Karen and Cassie to their family as christmas presents.
I am sure Daniel is watching over them and drinking champagne.
I was happy to have been a part of this project for a special family.

These frames are a limited edition of 6 frames done specially for Karen and her family.

Silk Painting

My Butterfly Silk Painting

This is a silk painting I did after going to my neice Maiya's birthday party.
She was given a present with this beautiful wrapping paper on it.

I got my sister to save the paper, I took it home, traced it onto some tracing paper, which I then covered in clear contact ( to save the pattern) then design onto the silk.

The colours have come up really well and nice and bright.
I used the rock salt technique which I had never used before and its one of my favourites now.

The orgininal wrapping paper,I think its 50c a sheet from Hot Dollar.

I traced the pattern onto some tracing paper then covered it with clear contact to protect it.I have used paper pattens before and wrecked the pattern .
A close up of the butterflies with just the outlines, no detail.I thought I would make them look like little people.
A close up of the butterflies with more detail in the wings. For the outlines I used Black Gutta for the bodies and Gold Gutta for the wings.
Gutta is a resist medium.
This means wherever you put the Gutta the silk paint shouldn't bleed outside the outlines.I did use a bit of gold on the flowers but only around the middle.
The flowers I have used a clear Gutta instead,as the butterflies are the main focus of this piece.
Gutta resist is used as a technique for silk similar to wax being used for Batik.

Butterflies everywhere.
Some of the silk has been painted here and the silk paint is still wet,while wet I applies rock salt to the silk and waited for the paint to dry.

The whole silk now painted and rock salt applied.

A closeup of the effect the rock salt gives,I love this technique.

Rock salt complete,the butterflies arent painted yet.

Butterflies are now painted,I love blue and green together.

The finished canvas.

 Thanks for stopping by to have a look at my blog, I appreciate it.
I hope that this might have inspired you to try something new.
You never know where it might take you.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mothers day tree

This is a craft blog for all the arty and crafty things I like to make.

I made this after seeing a similar project on
This is the one I took my inspiration from.
My version of the Mothers day tree.

This is a close up of the right hand side of the Mothers day tree.

This is the close up of the left hand side of the Mothers day tree.

The stamp I used is Hero Arts Tiny owl.

The paper I used was Kaisercraft Madam Boutique 12x12 Scrapbook Paper - Blouse
Kaisercraft Spearmint Weave Cardstock 12x12,Versacolour Sage,Olive,Turquoise cube stamp pads.
I also used an Ikea Ribba frame.

Thankyou for stopping by my first ever blog post.
I look forward to posting more projects I have done over the next week or so.


Ikea frames for 3 special girls

I made these at Christmas time for 3 special little girls.
2 for my neices, Zanna and Cleo,the other 1 is for my cousins first daughter Mikayla.

I used Ikea Ribba frames.MDF letters from Bunnings.
The pattern behind the letters is individual stamp set Delicate Doilies from Stampin up.
There are 21 different colours that I used as I couldnt decide which colours to use so I used all the ones I had,they are also Stampin up.
On each of the doilies I have put a clear crystal to add a bit of bling. What little girl doesn't like a bit of bling.

Z frame for Zanna

C frame for Cleo

M frame for Mikayla

Close up of the Z.

Close up of the C.

Close up of the M.


This project I did for my neice Cleo for her Christening which we had on Mothers day 2012.
I bought the little album from Spotlight and also the Basicgrey Bittersweet paper pack
I also used a kaisercraft MDF letter and put diamontes around the outside of the C.
The paper flowers are from Kaisercraft too,silver brads to make the middle of the flower,coloured ribbon to tie the album together.
I think the album came up really well.
The album stretched out with all the photos.

Close up of the front of the album with beautiful Cleo.

Cleo surrounded by flowers

Cleo with Grandpa Mick.

Cleo as a princess.

My brother Scott ( Cleo's dad)  holding Cleo.