Saturday, 22 June 2013

Harry Potter Part 5 Spiders

Part 5

For the spiders , well they were fun to make, I made use of my kitchen colander to hold them while they dried,  I painted foam balls black, cut the end off them then glued them together to make the body and head. We then spread glue over the whole body and head and sprinkled black glitter all over them, once that had dried I put black chenille sticks wrapped around the body and made legs with other ones. I used red sticky rhinestones as eyes.

We also bought some spiders and some cobweb, Roslyn and Vicki made a huge spider which also got hung outside , they looked awesome.

It started off with 2 different size foam balls with 1 end cut off.

The 2 ends were glued together to form the head and body.
Painted and ready for the glitter
Finished glitter spiders


This is 1 of the glitter spiders we made. 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Harry Potter Party Part 4 Flying keys and floating candles

Part 4
 Flying keys and floating candles.
I got some Kaiser craft Wood Flourish keys from this wonderful site, 1/2 the price of anywhere else.
I bought some copper spray and gave them a spray, used skeleton leaves which I glued on for the wings with hot glue ( Yes Kathy I used hot glue )(LOL), Vicki then sewed them onto some white netting and hung that from her lounge room ceiling, they looked so good.


The skeleton leaves I used for wings.

 Little clear containers I used to hold the wings while the glue dried.
Flying keys

Floating Candles

I bought some battery operated votive candles from the Reject shop and then cut A4 printer paper in 1/2 and used double sided tape to stick it on and used invisible thread to hang them. Vicki did the same thing as she did with the keys and sewed them to some white netting and hung them up. A light breeze was blowing so it looked like they were floating.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Harry Potter Party Part 3 9 3/4 sign and wands

Platform 9 3/4 sign and wands

Next I decided to paint up the 9 3/4 sign. I decided to make it out of MDF,I painted it with Jo Sonja Burgundy paint for the base, gold around the edge and the Hogwarts Express lettering, the 9 3/4 numbers were just black acrylic paint, the Hogwarts emblem was just a print out that was glued on.


Platform 9 3/4 sign painted in burgundy paint and letters on wood
You can just see the faint outline of the 9 3/4 in the circle, I used carbon paper to trace the letters.
Almost done.
Finished product ready to hang up.

 Hanging in the doorway at the party.

Painted brick wall and Hogwarts train


 Our finished painted brick wall

 Awesome painted train painted by Vicki.


We used 20 wood chopsticks bought from Dollar King for $4, we used beads, hot glue, beads and scoobie strings. We had lots of fun making them and they looked great.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Harry Potter Party Part 2 Masks and Robes

Part 2

Masks and Robes
I found a paper Mache face mask which I then had to find a pattern I liked. I found one but it was for a 1/2 mask , the picture on the right the mask I got my idea from. Grant is a wiz when it comes to photoshop, so he wielded his magic and made the design for a full face mask, I then traced the design onto the paper Mache mask and painted the design silver. I think it looks pretty good.


I made 3 robes, one each for the 3 of us.
This is the pattern I used to make our robes. Matthew's robe had black panne velvet sewn around the edge of the hood and the sleeves, Grant and my robes were just plain. The robe is the bottom right one.
 Matthew in his Dementor costume
 Myself in my mask and Matthew
Grant in his robes
Grant doing is best Dark Lord impression.

Roslyn's Grandmother in her awesome blue robes.

The resident house elf " DOBBY" as played for the evening by Vicki