Monday, 16 July 2012

Rubik Cube tissue box cover.


I had seen this on Big Bang Theory around their house quiet a few times.
I found the pattern for sale on Ebay from a wonderful lady called
Rochelle Roseman Frisby
It took me 10 hours to complete but I think its well worth the effort.
The pattern says to use Worst weight wool,which for Australia is 4 ply,but 4 ply is too thin so I used 8 ply instead.The material I used for the framework is called Plastic canvas,this particular one is 7 count. There are 8 different colours to this cube.
I got all of my wool from Big W,I think it was only abou $2.50 a ball which is pretty good.
I have enough wool left over to knit an elephant a jumper.
It does look very cool indeed.
Thanks Rochelle.
Pieces finished.

Sewn together.

The finished project.

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