Sunday, 3 June 2012

Crayon Canvas

This was a fun project to do. I am going to do a bigger one for my friends daughter for her birthday.
I bought a box of crayons from Kmart $2, bargain,a canvas from Hot Dollar.
All I did was hot glue the crayons onto the canvas then melt them with a heatgun.
Nothing could be simpler.
Next time I do this I will use a longer canvas so the melted crayon has somewhere more to go.

$2 box of crayons from Kmart.

Crayons glued onto white canvas.

Finished project.

 This canvas is a much bigger one than the first one I did,you can see in photos below the size difference.

Ok,this one was a bigger canvas, it cost me a total of $8.50 + the crayons $2 
Across the top I glued the crayons,different from the smaller canvas I did originally.

This is the 2 canvases together.You can see the colours are on the canvas differently.
I think having a longer canvas worked better than the smaller as the wax had more places to run.

This is the finished canvas done for Roslyn Cameron for her Birthday.

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