Saturday, 22 June 2013

Harry Potter Part 5 Spiders

Part 5

For the spiders , well they were fun to make, I made use of my kitchen colander to hold them while they dried,  I painted foam balls black, cut the end off them then glued them together to make the body and head. We then spread glue over the whole body and head and sprinkled black glitter all over them, once that had dried I put black chenille sticks wrapped around the body and made legs with other ones. I used red sticky rhinestones as eyes.

We also bought some spiders and some cobweb, Roslyn and Vicki made a huge spider which also got hung outside , they looked awesome.

It started off with 2 different size foam balls with 1 end cut off.

The 2 ends were glued together to form the head and body.
Painted and ready for the glitter
Finished glitter spiders


This is 1 of the glitter spiders we made. 

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