Monday, 17 June 2013

Harry Potter Party Part 1 Lolly Boxes and cake

This the first part of a few posts for the Harry Potter party that was held for Roslyn's 16th Birthday this year.
The first part is letting you know what we made.
I decided to do a few different posts so it wouldn't end up 1 big post .

Well where do I start. We started planning the party 12 months ago, what fun we have had. We being myself, Vicki Gardner and her daughter Roslyn, who's birthday it was .
We started off planning what we were going to make, we made flying keys ( which looked awesome) floating candles, spiders, a painted brick wall and a painted Hogwarts express train, the 9 3/4 platform sign and I almost forgot lolly boxes and wands and my face mask.

The day of the party I went over early to help put things up. I hung the spiders outside along with some spooky looking spider web and some smaller spiders, Roslyn and Vicki had made a big spider which also was hung outside, once it got dark the kids went outside and we turned off the light, a few got a bit scared.

We had a few working bees to get things made, with the lolly boxes we had a production line going to get them made, same with the wands.

Vicki made the topper to end all cake toppers. Out of Oasis florist foam, she carved the Hogwarts school. I had a very minor part in all this in that I supplied the clock for the clock tower.

Cake and cake topper

Lolly Boxes

Finished boxes.

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