Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Harry Potter Party Part 2 Masks and Robes

Part 2

Masks and Robes
I found a paper Mache face mask which I then had to find a pattern I liked. I found one but it was for a 1/2 mask , the picture on the right the mask I got my idea from. Grant is a wiz when it comes to photoshop, so he wielded his magic and made the design for a full face mask, I then traced the design onto the paper Mache mask and painted the design silver. I think it looks pretty good.


I made 3 robes, one each for the 3 of us.
This is the pattern I used to make our robes. Matthew's robe had black panne velvet sewn around the edge of the hood and the sleeves, Grant and my robes were just plain. The robe is the bottom right one.
 Matthew in his Dementor costume
 Myself in my mask and Matthew
Grant in his robes
Grant doing is best Dark Lord impression.

Roslyn's Grandmother in her awesome blue robes.

The resident house elf " DOBBY" as played for the evening by Vicki




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